Brotherly HiFi - Trigger Box - COMING SOON!

Brotherly HiFi - Trigger Box - COMING SOON!


Bok-Bok! This box will split a single signal into 4 and gang them back to 1. Why would you need that? You can run a single effect send to 4 effect units and back into a single effect return. 4 toggle triggers provide on/off/temp-on switching.

Run a low, cavernous reverb in the "on" position and grab a rim-shot for echo with the "temp-on" position... tion... tion.... great for pre-amps with limited effect sends OR DJ mixers with single effect sends OR console mixers with no effect sends (through mixer channels). You can also use it as an input mixer - add a siren or additional aux input.

Uses a single insert ("Y") cable for each i/o effect path. Custom configurations are available on a special order basis.

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