Benidub Spring Amp II

Benidub Spring Amp II


The Benidub Spring Amp II is a reverb tank driver, that allows you to choose a spring tank of your choice. The tank is not included - this is not a stand alone reverb.

7.5W constant current amplifier, drives 8ohm input reverb tanks to the maximum volume and best trebles response.

Extra low noise reverb pick up amplifier.

2xLED VU-meter monitors the power amplifier level to easily detect overload.

12dB/oct Resonant Voltage Controlled Filter, selectable HPF or LPF response.

Triangular wave or Sample & Hold Filter Modulation

Crossfader between filtered and un-filtered reverb output signal.

Balanced input 1/4” TRS Jack (15Kohm electronically balanced).

Balanced output 1/4” TRS Jack (47R impedance balanced)

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